AQ Skin Solutions 安俏品牌创立于2006年,其灵感来自于创始人卡塔尼博士利用细胞修护因子技术(GF), 治疗创伤组织和在人造皮肤移植等医疗领域的大量实践。因通过生物技术手段,AQ安俏开发了一种用于生产高质量的细胞修护因子培养基技术, 该技术包含了在各特定应用中有效的修护因子配方。目前AQ安俏细胞修护因子技术已获美国专利局专利(US 8,877,494、US 8,518,879、US 9,119,974)以及欧洲(EU 2680865)、日本(5981947)、韩国(10-2013-7026105)专利,并将一直坚持以高质量标准提供我们的产品。

In 2006, AQ Skin Solutions was founded based on Dr. Al-Qahtani's extensive work in medical applications of Growth Factors for healing wounded tissue and creating artificial skin grafts. The application of Growth Factor biotechnology has developed a process of producing the highest quality Growth Factor media available, containing only formulations of Growth Factors that have been identified to be effective in specific applications. Since then, AQ Skin Solutions have patented the Growth Factor Technology with the US Patent Office(US 8,877,494、US 8,518,879、US 9,119,974) as well as the European(EU 2680865) 、 Japanese(5981947) and Korea(10-2013-7026105) regulators, adhering to the strictest manufacturing regulations required.

Best In Class

AQ Skin Solutions安俏一直致力于为全球专业人士和普通消费者提供优质、有效的皮肤和毛发类护理产品,AQ安俏同时获颁有"医美奥斯卡"之称的MyFaceMyBody三大重量级奖项,就是最好的证明。运用新的科学研究、医药级成分和独家专利细胞修护因子技术,AQ安俏全系列产品都是在美国FDA注册的药企以最严格的质量标准生产,以确保安全性和有效性。

AQ Skin Solutions' multiple-award winning Growth Factor range represents our dedication to producing premium, effective skin and hair care products to professionals in the medical field and consumers around the world. Applying updated scientific research, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and our exclusive patented Growth Factor Technology, all AQ Skin Solutions products are developed in FDA-registered drug manufacturing facilities with stringent quality control to ensure safety and efficacy.